A set of tools to guess passwords to files created with Excel, Word, Access, Outlook, Outlook Express, Exchange, WinZip, Acrobat, WordPerfect, PGP, as well as many other programs. Plus, the selection of key Windows XP/2003/2008/7, including access to hard drives encrypted with the help of technology BitLocker. Supports all methods of password guessing.

Passware Kit uses the following mechanisms for password recovery: search on a dictionary search on a given alphabet, the use of a certain part of the password, using the previously recovered passwords, as well as a combination of methods.
Supported Distributed Password Recovery. Acceleration due to the use of computational power of the GPU NVIDIA graphics card and the use of multi-core CPU.
Upgraded user interface provides quick access to various password recovery mechanisms, and a new analytical tool Encryption Analyzer helps you quickly detect encrypted or password protected files on the hard disk of the local PC or network workstation.
For some applications, such as Internet Explorer, the password is instantaneous. Other file types require more time to decrypt. As an example, consider the possibilities and options of the program to decrypt the files, WinZip.

• Specify the priority of the program relative to other applications to Windows, so for what would be her work does not slow down the operating system and in the background.
• Next, set the FTP type of so-called attack: dictionary, frontal attack, frontal attack with Optimization, special attacks using the available files. Attack slovaryu is the fastest, as verified keys are taken from the usual yazykovogo dictionary. Frontal attack based on exhaustive search of all possible combinations of characters from a specified set. Optimized frontal attack is the previous version with one exception: in the process of guessing the password can not necessarily be discarded kombinatsii characters - assuming their combinations in the human language. The latter method decryption Passware Kit predpolagaet presence of several non-encrypted files from the encrypted file and is also quite fast.
Problema forgotten paroley rises dostatochno ostro, osobenno if the encrypted data are urgently needed, but, unfortunately, can not even remember the keyword, you need to decrypt them. It should be noted that the algorithms used for encryption in Windows obychnyh prilozheniyah not too kriptoustoychivy. This means that if a sufficiently powerful computer, and the presence of a certain length of time, almost any encrypted file can be rasshifrovan, especially given the fact that user passwords as pravilo are relatively simple.

Features Passware Kit Enterprise:
• All-in-one password recovery for 180 + file types
• Comprehensive Performance Analyzer passwords and encryption
• Reset the password for the local and Windows domain administrators, including Windows 7
• Restore the encryption keys are protected by BitLocker hard drive New!
• Interpretation of TrueCrypt volumes New!
• Support for Distributed Password Recovery New!
• Instant online transcript Word / Excel files, 8 credits
• Recovers passwords for archives PGP, virtual disks, files, keys New!
• Support for multi-core processors to speed up the password recovery process
• Effective use of multicore and NVIDIA graphics processors to accelerate password recovery up to 45 times
• Using Tableau TACC hardware accelerator to speed up the process of password recovery up to 25 times
• TACC acceleration for MS Office files, Zip and RAR archives, PGP New!
• Key password attacks: Dictionary, Xieve, Brute-force, Known Password / Part, Previous Passwords
• Wizard for easy setup of passwords attack

Title: Passware Password Recovery Kit Enterprise 10.3.2585
Releases released: 2011
Platform: WinXP/2003/2008/7
Language: English
Medicine: Yes